Byborre x Parley Tex
Byborre x Parley Tex

Byborre x Parley Tex

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BYBORRE Edition9™
Made from Parley Ocean Plastic®

Meet TEX, the BYBORRE mascot, a friendly “Textilesaurus-Rex” with a playful demeanor, a long floppy tail and a love of the oceans. Created using the offcuts of Parley Ocean Plastic® materials during the garment making process, ensuring textile waste is kept to an absolute minimum. 

  • BYBORRE branded Riri snap buttons as eyes 
  • Shredded BYBORRE textile as filling 
  • Ocean Multi-Color 
  • Knit type: 3D/OTM/AO2 
  • Challenges design standards and supports Parley’s global mission

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